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Kaely Russell is a consciously crafted clothing label with a mission to create beautifully designed yet simple, honest and functional clothing from natural fibres.

We put a lot of love into the sourcing of all our fabrics, using a mixture of Oeko-Tex certified linens and end of roll fabrics left over from the fashion industry. 

Beautiful natural fabrics are at the heart of what we do. Using mostly Linen, Tencel and Wool, our designs very much start with the fabrics themselves and the inspiration they provide.

Our designs are made to encourage a freedom of movement, handcrafted with care to produce a quality that will survive the test of time. Our belief is clothes should be designed for life not just a season.


Currently made in South Devon, all our garments are produced in limited runs, made to order and unique one off pieces. 


Inspired by her passion for nature, minimalism and sustainability the development of a slow fashion brand for Kaely has been organic.

The results from continued refining and testing of shape and fit have led to what we are today.